Citizen Peace is an individual and community that emits peace and harmony.

A Citizen Peace Community promotes peace and harmony in the world.

assisted Focus

How do you nurture your thoughts?

How do you nurture your body?

How do you nurture your relationships?

Living Environment

How do you nurture your home environment?

How do you nurture your work environment?




How do you nurture your creativity?

How do you work towards creation?

How do you share your creation?

What are you focused on right now?


Often times we are unaware of what we are focusing on. Typically, it will appear as our life experiences.  Artistic meditation can assist anyone to increase a more peaceful state of being.


Grateful, simple and alive.


Your living environment inspires your life.



Nurturing our creativity is like nurturing a child.

With tenderness and unconditional attention, each of us has the ability to create wonderful works of art and spontaneous acts of love.