Voice Received

"Coming right up" and "It is given." From now on your voice will be known.  Receiving the voice is a gift that is given to each and every person in the world.  The voice is the highest quality gemstone, mined from the cosmos and ordained in the heart.  It  takes significant experiences to purify the voice and make it audible and understood in the world.

The voice is refined like silt from rock. It defines the consciousness and illuminates the unknown. The voice cannot be bought or sold because each voice has the choice to give it freely and select, direct where it is represented.  The voice is the essence - the beauty of the soul and ingeniously void of life's great debris-



Impending Change

Do you know how effectively you handle change?  You see, that's all a storm really is, a change in conditions.  Sometimes hostile and other times subtle.  

Can you weather change? Can you help yourself in times of challenging conditions? Are you able to assist others in challenging times?  

Let this be your meditation.  

Cleaning Out Your House

What is it that you wish to rid yourself of?

Is there something that is calling for removal?

Would you like to rid your life of poisonous anger?  How about depression and despair?  

Do you hold a nagging, constant tugging of unease in any area?

How about dread and pending doom?

What is holding you back from cleaning our your house, from opening the door and sweeping out the stink of shame?  


Angst Among Us

When you experience angst in your mind, in your body or in your presence in the form of a person or an experience, it is difficult to escape the draw, the attraction - almost like a black hole.

The safest and most effective escape is inward, where there is peace and calm - like the depths of the ocean with the raging sea tossing and turning at the surface.  Realize it may not be the person or the experience creating angst, but your own self reacting to the person or experience.

Go deep.  Release self blame. Release the need to blame another or any outside source. It is a natural reaction towards angst, even if it is clothed in silence.

When Bitterness Arrives

Bitterness may arrive when it is time to take responsibility.  "Why should I have to take responsibility for my life and the lives of others when everyone else seems to be just fine working at being content?"

The fact is that the responsibility of truth is given to those that ask for it, know it is necessary, and they are completely certain they have the gumption required to transcend doubt that will surely arise.

Life As Meditation

Life, when you really stop to think about it, is a great big meditation.  From the moment we are born to the moment that our consciousness leaves this reality we are engaged in an evolution of Life As Dream, Life As Nightmare, and Life As Meditation.

Life As Dream:  This is the state of evolution where were are completely unaware that we are individually responsible for our thoughts, our emotions, our actions and in-actions.

Life as Nightmare:  This is the state of evolution when we become aware that we are individually responsible for our negative thoughts and emotions, our reactions to them, and their harmful effects.  It is also the state of evolution when we awaken to find out the effects of our having been living in Life As Dream and clearly understand how difficult it is to change these behaviors.  It is during Life As Nightmare when it is most difficult to practice self-directed compassion.  This is the time where we realize the intense discipline, focus and patience it takes towards change.

Life As Meditation: The state of evolution where we finally have the ability to observe our inner thoughts, emotions, actions and in-actions and reflect our inner practice onto the outside world.



Peace is Not a Lack of Sadness

Inner peace does not mean that there will not be the presence of sadness.  The presence of inner peace makes a space for sadness and accepts the presence of sadness as a natural state of frustration, grief or the appearance of loss.  It is possible to both be sad and be completely at peace.  Inner peace creates a light for the darkness to exist.  The darkness will eventually fade into light.


The Most Significant Choice of a Lifetime

The problem with peace is that it is not accessed above all else.  In accessing peace first, above all other states of being, there would be no space for inner victimization or inner violence. 

The problem with peace is that it is not known.  It is the most talked about, sung about, thought about, rallied about states of being, but it is very rarely achieved by a human being and in many cases, a person that values inner peace above all else is mistaken for a fool.

Inner peace is a choice.  The most significant choice of a lifetime.